Even though we're in one of the strongest seller's markets in decades, an experienced, serious real estate professional with well designed marketing strategies, can make a significant impact on the sales price of a listing. The four critical steps that must be followed to insure a successful sale include; preparing the house for listing, high quality photography, appropriate pricing, and effective promotion of the listing to insure that all the best prospects know about the listing before it hits the market. Listing Strategies 2021 offers insights into the marketing strategies developed by the Mike and Hayden through the years while helping more than a thousand clients sell their homes at the highest possible price.

3740 Crossings Crest received multiple offers and sold for $20,000 over asking price!
Maybe you've heard someone bragging that they sold their home "without ever putting it on the market." Some agents like to talk about their "off-market" listings. At first, that might sound impressive. The truth- it's almost always one of the worst mistakes a seller can make. Sellers are enjoying one of the strongest real estate markets in modern times. Inventory is at historic lows and demand is very high. That's why desperate buyers are putting letters in prospective sellers' mailboxes. They're hoping for the chance to buy a house before it hits the market and avoid competing with other buyers. Crafty strategy for buyers- not so good for sellers. If you're…

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